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Have you already updated ? This is a must read to solve the massive puzzle. The mobile application brings more news. Among the features implemented is the ability to speed up your voice notes or voice messages at 1X, 1.5X and 2X speeds; In the same way you can activate self-destructing messages within a week if your contact has not read them.

but that is not all. On A series of emojis or emoticons are also executed from time to time. Among the most popular, we put the famous yellow faces, professions, objects, fruits, vegetables and more. But there are some icons that need some explanation. We will tell you about it below.

Look: WhatsApp and the true meaning of the inverted face emoji: know when to use them

One of them is a yellow face emoji sticking out its tongue. Although many use it when making a joke, we tell you that you may be wrong to use it this way when talking to your family, friends, co-workers or even your partner.

This code is from It usually appears in various chats not only on the messaging platform, but also in other chats like Messenger, Telegram, Signal and has been taken into account even on dedicated keyboards from Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei and iPhone. what does it mean?

Find out what facial expressions with tongue mean outside of WhatsApp

In order to know exactly what the emoji of the face with the tongue out means, it is necessary to turn to one of the code generators, the only site capable of providing an accurate explanation in . it’s about , a page similar to an encyclopedia of all symbols.

According to the source, a yellow face with small open eyes and a big smile, sticking out its tongue comically, can convey a sense of fun, excitement, idiocy, cuteness, happiness or banter.

The emoji known as Face with tongue is found in the faces and people section of the WhatsApp emoticon keyboard. (Photo: mag)

Even Emojipedia points out that this symbol or emoji may differ on Google keyboards with a more defeated expression and Samsung’s, a more cynical one. “Because of its prominent tongue, keep in mind that this symbol can be applied or interpreted in a suggestive way,” the site notes.

Approved as part of In 2012 it was called “Face with a Stuck Tongue” and was added to In 2015. Will you start using it properly on WhatsApp? You can also learn more if you have doubts about what another emoji really means.

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