When and at what time will this phenomenon be estimated? – Finance

When and at what time will this phenomenon be estimated?  – Finance

Do you want to see something cool? Don’t miss this weekend Luna Rosa, a phenomenon that can be appreciated in Mexico.

During the fourth month of the year, astronomy lovers will enjoy the long-awaited meteor shower and The moon will light up the month of April with its different faces.

When will the Pink Moon be appreciated in Mexico?

to me National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics and Electronics (INAOE)the so-called full moon will appear on Saturday, April 16 at 8:46 pm.

If you can’t see him, don’t worry, he’ll be back next May to give us a new show.

This satellite can be seen without the need to use any instrument, although it is better to move away from highly polluted areas to enjoy this natural phenomenon more clearly and more intensely.

Lyrids . meteor shower

In addition to the pink moon, before the end of this month, Mexicans will be able to witness another wonderful phenomenon.

meteor showers, according to NASAIt occurs every year and has been observed for 2,700 years.

This show is expected to start 16th and ends until 22nd April. The originator of this shower is Comet Thatcher 1861, which will have the best view from the early hours of April 22 until dawn.

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