When is Thanksgiving Day 2023 celebrated?

When is Thanksgiving Day 2023 celebrated?

he Thanksgiving dayor known as “Tank Day” In English, it is one of the most anticipated celebrations in United States and CanadaWhere family members gather Food exchange They are grateful for all the good things they have around them.

Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated in the United States on Thursday, November 23, because in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln The last Thursday in November was declared Thanksgiving Day.

In Canada, it’s quite the opposite, as this celebration happened last time Monday 9 October. It is celebrated in this country on the second Monday of October.

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Thanksgiving. Images: Pixabay and Instagram

During the first three decades, this holiday was celebrated on November 6, but since 1908 it has been held every Monday in October, that is, in 2023 it is celebrated on Monday, October 9.

The first North American Thanksgiving was held in Canada in 1578, when the English explorer Martin Frobisher I have arrived in Newfoundland and want to thank you for completing a safe journey across the ocean.

Frobisher was sent by the English Crown to find a way northwest ChinaBut he never found his way because he reached the shores of Canada.

According to historians, the explorer and his crew enjoyed a large banquet upon his arrival on Canadian soil.

Thanksgiving. Image: Pexels

However, in 1859, the Protestant Church asked the Canadian government to establish an official day to thank God for crops, while facing a crisis of faith about the origin of species. Charles Darwin. The religious event quickly became a celebration of Canadian identity, but it took many traditions from the American version.

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Initially, this festival was held in the middle of the week. However, in 1908, railway workers lobbied for it to be held on a Monday so they could have a long weekend. Its aim was to encourage train travel among people who… They were visiting their families during the holiday.

The answer is no, because the governments of both countries recognize Thanksgiving as an important holiday, so no one works or goes to school on that day. But there are special cases, such as some restaurants that decide to provide their services normally and offer some menus depending on the holiday.

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