When the pope is sick, there is a breeze or a concave tornado


Pope Francis confirmed that when the Pope gets sick “there’s a secret breeze or hurricane,” in an interview with COPE Network and that it will be broadcast in full on September 1.

In the dialogue with journalist Carlos Herrera and when asked about his health, the Holy Father joked and replied: “I am still alive.”

On rumors of a possible resignation, Pope Francis said in the interview that “whenever the Pope is ill, there is a breeze or a concave hurricane.”

Pope Francis also said that during his recent colon operation, “He saved my life, a man of great experience. It is the second time in my life that a nurse has saved my life. The first time was in the year 57.”

Pope noted the operation he had successfully on July 4, due to the narrowing of the diverticulum.

A stricture is a narrowing of a passageway from the body, in this case the colon, and diverticula are small pouches that bulge into the colon or large intestine, a condition that may require surgery, as happened with the pope who will turn 85 years old next December. 17.

In December 2020, the book Let’s Dream Together was published, in which Pope Francis recounted some details of the operation he underwent in August 1957, when he was 21 years old, in which the upper lobe of his lung was removed.

Regarding what happened to him on that occasion, when he was very serious and had to draw a liter and a half of water from his lungs, the Pope recalls two nurses, especially Sister Cornelia Caraglio.

“I will always be indebted to them. They fought for me to the end, until I recovered,” Pope Francis says in the book.

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