Which superhero equals every medical specialty?

Which superhero equals every medical specialty?
What does general surgery and wolverine have in common? Anesthesiologist Elena Casado decided to share with all her followers a small comparison of different medical specialties and their similarities to some of the superheroes of the moment.

The doctor started her list with the “most obvious but least similar”: Traumatology and Thor. “They love to play with their instruments,” Casado begins by explaining its great similarity. “They have more skill than strength even though it may not seem so and their relationship with Anestesia is a bit like the one they have with Loki, we love each other but kill each other,” Casado adds.

family and flash They are as follows, because, as the doctor explains, “Some say they are teleporting but in reality what they have is super speed.” “They’re reviewing your medical history when you said good morning,” he says.

ophthalmology It is third on the list. The Cyclops is the equivalent of a superhero. His passion is laser And they guess what happens to your eyes at three meters high,” says Casado. While ER and Mística are “hospital chameleons” both stand out for their “ability to adapt in tenths of a second.”

Which superhero equals every medical specialty?

Below General surgery wolverinebecause they both “like to chop more than you do when you have ham in the house,” followed by Psychiatry and Dr. Xavier They “smoke in your mind to see what you’re telling yourself”.

for married Doctor Strange is the equivalent of anaesthesia. “We do magic, we put you to sleep by looking at you and the pain is not in our hands,” he explains. While pediatrics consider Spiderman because “everyone loves them and they always hold patients with spider webs of love” and Gynecology is Wanda Because it’s “versatile,
They handle pressure well and smile in apocalyptic moments.”

Finally, Casado also mentions Intensive and internal medicine. The first is Batman because despite being “in a bat cave with his little toys, if necessary, they beat you hard on the sternum and you come back to life.” seconds, vision. the reason? “They are connected to a huge data network and they like protocols, but they fly if necessary.”

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