While Stranger Things is over, you can watch another recommended science fiction series

While Stranger Things is over, you can watch another recommended science fiction series

The success of Stranger Things in its fourth season was infamous. The series, which was released on May 27, has been rated the best debut in Netflix history and may continue to increase its records.

The next Sunflower test will come 28 days after its premiere, which is the limit the platform is setting to determine the follow-up of its titles in the medium term and in South Korea squid game Still his biggest hit.

While completing the date (it will be June 24) Professionals such as Juliana Abauza, series critichighlights that this fourth installment stands out for being the scariest of all seasons, “it seems to me to be the best yet because it’s totally horrified.”

Another point that stands out is the soundtrack (with songs from the 80s). For several weeks like songs Running over this hill Written by Kate Bush, released in 1985, it has gone viral since the series premiere and currently ranks as the 4th most listened-only on Spotify Global behind Harry Styles and Bad Bunny songs.

If you’ve already seen Seven episodes of the first volume And eager to see more sci-fi stories, here are some recommendations, at least until the end of Season 4 with the final two episodes on July 1.


With three seasons available on HBO Max, the acclaimed science fiction series explores human consciousness and behavior. The story takes place in Westworld, a futuristic theme park where humans can satisfy their most intimate desires through the androids who live there. The fourth season will premiere at the end of June.


Season one presents this Apple TV + series that chronicles the lives of a group of employees who undergo a separation process that surgically divides their memories between work and personal life. This experience comes into question when a manager finds himself at the center of a mystery that will force him to confront the true nature of his job and himself.

black mirror

It airs on Netflix, which he defines as an anthology series that explores the collective uneasiness in the face of the developments of modernity, and “each part is an accurate and frightening narrative of contemporary technoparanoia.” It contains five seasons (between three to six episodes each) and a movie in which you choose the ending, from among several options.

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