Google sets a record for calculating decimals of Pi – Science – Life

Google sets a record for calculating decimals of Pi – Science – Life

IT developer and programming Emma Haruka Iwako broke a record by calculating up to 100 trillion digits of the number Pi that Google Cloud technology used.

The number Pi is the most famous mathematical constant in history, with infinite decimal places used in mathematics or physics among many other disciplines, and its beginning being the most famous: 3.1415.

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A Google programming developer was already able to calculate 31.4 billion digits of Pi in 2019 and in 2021 Swiss scientists calculated a similar number, putting the total at 62.8 billion decimal places.

This time, Haruka beat this mark again by calculating 100 trillion digits of Pi, the last of which is zero. The programming developer used several Google cloud computing technologies for this challenge and it took 157 days, the company reported on its blog.

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The core technology that made this possible is Compute Engine, a secure computing service from Google Cloud. And many recent improvements such as 100Gbps out bandwidth or balanced hard disks like storage.

Haruka remembers that breaking the record for Pi was her childhood dream, which she has already done twice, and that there is no limit to this transcendent number, which means that it cannot be written as a finite polynomial. This new mark of 100 trillion decimal places “shows, once again, how far computers have come,” he says, and as with other developments in the sector in the past, we can still “see another fundamental change that keeps the momentum” So, Haruka confirms, “I’ll keep counting.”


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