White House excludes Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from Summit of the Americas, according to Bloomberg

White House excludes Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from Summit of the Americas, according to Bloomberg

The White House Make the final decision not to invite governments CubaAnd the Venezuela s Nicaragua to me top of the americaswhich will be held this week in AngelsAnd the California.

This decision , Detailed by Bloombergmeans that the government of the president Joe Biden rejects the invitations of the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorto include all countries, with the caveat that if it does not, it will not The aforementioned meeting of the heads of state of the region will be attended.

United State This decision was made after weeks of discussions with governments Latin america and the Caribbeanincluding MexicoAccording to the agency, quoting people familiar with the deliberations, who requested anonymity because they are not authorized to speak about the matter publicly.

Currently, United State It has non-governmental representatives from all three countries registered to participate in stakeholder forums.

. press office White House He declined to comment.

Resolution in United State based, pointing BloombergAbout concerns about the lack of democracy and respect for human rights in the three countries, people said.

president Lopez Obrador He said, for weeks, that he wouldn’t show up top of the americas in Angels Unless representatives of authoritarian governments are invited.

The Biden administration refused, as in its Democratic predecessors, but continued to discuss the issue with MexicoAgency reports.

Leaders of other countries, including Guatemala and Honduras, said they might skip the top as well.

‘unnecessary’ tension

Lopez Obrador put Washington in an awkward position by requiring his presence at the White House to invite all countries in the region, including Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, to the meeting in Los Angeles.

His position was supported by Bolivia, Guatemala and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries, while countries such as Argentina, Honduras and Chile responded to the criticism despite not withdrawing their aid.

With this regional shock, Mexico creates Tension is ‘totally unnecessary and illogical’ With the United States, he said Arlene Ramirez OresteProfessor of International Relations at the University of Iberoamericana and Tecmilenio.

In addition to being controversial, it is a very indifferent message to the binary agenda. Not the certainty that is required, not only in the markets, but also in international cooperation,” Ramirez Oreste commented in an interview with Effie.

The international considered that “the concern of the United States is clear” before the visits of Washington’s ambassador to Mexico Ken Salazar, who went last week to speak several times with Lopez Obrador at the National Palace.

He added that the president “aligned himself with the old positions” in the region, for which he encouraged a “parallel unity” and an “axis”, as shown by the countries that participated in the criticism of the Mexican government.

Ramirez Oreste said this could create a “clash” with the United States at a time when Mexico must tackle solutions with its largest trading partner to confront “global economic stagnation and major problems in the global distribution of food and goods.”

Mexico and the United States have many issues in the pipeline. We may be at one of the worst moments on the bilateral agenda regarding migration, security and economic development. The analyst said the region requires unity today.

internal tremor

Lopez Obrador’s position has also caused internal turmoil in Mexico, where the ruling party and the opposition will face each other next Sunday in elections to renew six states.

Senator Juan Manuel Fossilof the opposition Party of the Democratic Revolution, questioned the supposed ambiguity of the president.

The president said, I don’t think at all, he’s considering not going to this Summit of the Americas,” he said Monday at a virtual press conference.

Lawmaker Lopez Obrador called for “a great deal of responsibility” to attend the summit.

He also criticized that the countries supported by the Mexican president “are practically military dictatorships”, which the United States decided not to invite to its territory.

Our country has a great commercial, social, familial, and political relationship with the United States, which is very important and we cannot set it aside for the sake of solidarity with countries whose peoples, though sister nations, their governments are not. An example of democracy.

With information from Bloomberg

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