Philippines: Bulusan volcano eruption causes evacuation of some areas

Philippines: Bulusan volcano eruption causes evacuation of some areas

in east philippinesThe hasty From Bulusan volcano Caused the evacuation of the localities of the villagecomforters; That’s before the ash arrives, and authorities are warning of possible new launches on Sunday, June 5, 2022.

The hasty From Bulusan volcanoin Sorsogon Prefecture (east), lasted about 17 minutes and the smoke plume rose at least one kilometer, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. philippines.

  • Authorities have activated the alert level, one on a scale of five, which corresponds to “low-range disturbances”.

“Event a hasty phreatic in Bulusan volcanodue to boiling water under the crater,” explained the president of the Philippine Institute, Renato Solidum, to a local radio.

Ash affected two municipalities in Sorsogon, about 500 km south of the capital philippinesManila, according to this agency.

  • There are no reports of injuries currently.

In the Guban area, visibility in two villages was reduced to “zero” and trees, houses and roads were covered with a thick layer of ash.

“The area is being evacuated, but our priority is the elderly and those with asthma,” said emergency team leader Dennis Snover.

The authorities reminded residents that access is prohibited within a 4-kilometre radius around Bulusan volcanoMaintain vigil against potential landslides or heavy rain.

Leo Ferreras, a civil protection officer, from the nearby town, said a group of 14 hikers and local guides were 1,565 metres, in the middle of the mountain, and were unaware that an ash cloud was rising from the other side. Barcelona. “They are back safely,” he added.

  • Manila Airport said no flights were affected so far hasty.

philippines It is located on the “Pacific Ring of Fire,” an area of ​​relevance to seismology, and includes about 20 active volcanoes.

  • This hole already recorded dozens of eruptions in 2016 and 2017.

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