Who is Efrine Alvarez, the “jewel” that Mexico and the United States are fighting for?

Who is Efrine Alvarez, the “jewel” that Mexico and the United States are fighting for?

The national teams of Mexico and the United States fought over the services of Evrain Alvarez, Who has already been called to the flagship of both countries, but who is this “jewel”?

Alvarez wore the stars and stripes shirt in November.

Born in Los Angeles, California, he is the son of a man from Guadalajara and his mother from Zacatecas, so he holds dual nationalities, however, he previously played the World Cup with the U-17 category of “Trio”.

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Ephrine Alvarez trained in soccer at the Los Angeles Galaxy Academy, and at the age of 15, he became one of the youngest players to debut in the Major League Soccer and sign a professional contract.

He surprised the Mexican with his talent at such a young age, he even managed to convince Zlatan Ibrahimovic, with whom he had shared in the American club, to praise him.

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“I have said he is the greatest talent in this league and that he is ready to play even though he is only 17 years old,” Ibra confirmed in 2019 before his return to Europe.

For 2019, Efrin Alvarez decided to wear the jersey of the Mexican U-17 national team to the World Cup Finals in Brazil, where he performed superbly and finished second.

After his performance in this tournament and what he did with the Los Angeles Galaxy, in which he added 54 matches, 16 goals and made 9 assists, he was considered the team’s chief technician in the United States, where he transferred him to the mini-games at the end of 2020, but he could not add minutes of Play.

Although not considered in Concacaf Pre-Olympic, Efraín Álvarez was pre-listed for Mexico and the United States, so he would be eligible to play the Olympic Games if either or both teams obtained a ticket to Tokyo.

In exchange for not being part of Jaime Lozano’s group, the Mexican was called up by Gerardo Martino to attend the FIFA History in March, where Mexican national team He will face Wales and Costa Rica on a tour of Europe.

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