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Are you ready to solve this new viral challenge? Unlike other visual challenges, where you are shown distracting images and bright colors to prevent you from concentrating, this visual challenge is only about a scene in which you have to solve what is asked of you in the given time.

The image corresponds to a scene in which four doctors and two nurses come to check on a pediatric patient, but not everything is as it seems, and an intruder has snuck in as a health worker. Can you find out who he is?

As mentioned earlier, this challenge is different from many others we have published, here focus and thinking is required to find the correct answer within the time limit of 10 seconds. Attentive to all the details in the scene.

Among them is the antichrist? A visual test that 95% of users fail. (Photo: Great.Guru)

The solution:

Didn’t you have enough time to find the correct answer in this visual puzzle? Don’t worry, as we mentioned, only 5% of the participants managed to solve it on time. To find a fraud, it is necessary to pay attention to the smallest detail, and in this case, the identification carried by the health workers is what reveals them, have you noticed that yet?

We invite you to see the solution and share this challenge with your friends and acquaintances. Pay attention to the new challenges constantly posted in Teach Me Science, which aim to train gray matter.

A visual test solution that 95% of users fail. (Photo: Great.Guru)

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