Who said Nintendo is against violent games? Miyamoto has a different idea – Nintendo Switch

Who said Nintendo is against violent games?  Miyamoto has a different idea – Nintendo Switch

Shigeru Miyamoto has stated that he is not against violent games or shooters.

We all know Shigeru Miyamoto, the director of Nintendo who Appears at all events From the Japanese company. Creative recently indicated that we should pay attention to the following Nintendo Directs to learn more about Upcoming Mario game. However, the general idea of ​​many users about Nintendo was that it is a The company that opposes violent games.

However, that seems not to be the case, as he commented in an interview with Medium lineup: “I want to make that clear I am not against shooting games or violent gamesSays Miyamoto. However, the creator has indicated that he should look for other ways to entertain people with a fun and interesting game.

“There are many ways to entertain people, but I think so My job is to find other ways to make the game fun and interesting. Mario is a character who never hurts others, I said to myself, so I wanted to find a different way to express Mario,” the director concludes. Are we going to see Miyamoto direct a violent game?

What do you think of the Super Mario movie?

Despite the fact that many criticisms do not accompany, in 3DJuegos We had fun as kids with this production. In analyzing the Super Mario movie, we noted the following: “It is Funny from start to finish, it contains a million references to video games The fidelity is absolute both in the representation of the universe and its characters, as well as in the preservation of aesthetic and acoustic values, ”concludes Jesus Bella.

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