Google’s mistake that caused its users to get thousands of pesos

Google’s mistake that caused its users to get thousands of pesos

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If we talk about technology, Google It has always been our best ally when it comes to searching and being aware of everything that happens in the world, since it is a search engine, that is, a search engine, in addition, today it already has its own digital wallet. , Connection Google Pay, its mobile payment systems, which provide users with the ability to make payments using Android devices, tablets or smartwatches.

Same thing that is sending you money completely randomly right now mistake to thousands of usersThis is announced on social networks by many lucky people and also by those who expect to receive money from them Google However, unexpectedly, everything indicates that it is caused by a mistake by the company itself.

and that is , According to users Google Pay, if you enter the Offers tab, you will be able to see if you have received something from money by Google during the past hoursas happened to many who received $1,072 from Google without expecting it.

Users reported the money they were getting from Google. (Pixabay)

However, not everyone receives this amount, because according to users, the amounts vary randomly, to the point that there are some who have not received anything yet, so it is possible that the money will appear only if you test any of the company’s experience.

Google: Whatmistake Or is everything planned?

Although there is a concept of “dog food” which is compensation for those who have tried the feature mentioned in Google Pay, Everything seems to point to it Google is sending money For people who have no idea to try anything, so everything points out that it’s simple mistake by the company.

In fact, among the many comments in this regard, one that stands out is that Google supposedly stated that they are aware of the error and it will be resolved within 24-48 hours.

WhatGoogle Can you ask me back money?

Many people did not hesitate for a moment and immediately transferred to their account money which he gave them GoogleHowever, if it is true that the company is “working out the bug”, there is a possibility that the company will revert the changes.

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