Why are there more and more single women?

Why are there more and more single women?

Why are there more and more single women?Kevin Mazur

Chloe Kardashian He recently shocked his mom Kris Jenner: “Don’t try to find someone for me. I’m so happy at this point I don’t need to share it with anyone.” Like her sister Kim kardashian (whom he recently left with Pete Davidson)And the Selena Gomez Jennifer Aniston And many other “celebrities” have been without a partner for a while and are claiming their status. In the case of the latter, it was in an interview in which she categorically stated: “I am in no hurry to find a partner, but if I did, it would be just to enjoy myself, and to refuse to marry again. ”

Namely, that either by choice or by circumstance the fact is that the numbers ensure, as the years go by, that there are more single women. In Spain, for example, according to recent data from INEone in every four families is one person. From this statistic it can be concluded that 53% of women and more than half of them are single or divorced. And although every woman is a scientist and science does not provide concrete reasons to explain why there are more and more single women, there are many factors that together can determine this scenario.

The number of single women has increased in recent years

“Now we tend not to get along as much as before” – reflects psychologist Sandra Escudero, “and this may be due to two social factors in favor of the fact that there are more single women, especially young people. First, that “Millennials” and Generation Z They are naturally exposed to meeting more people than the previous generation (they travel more, have mobile apps that connect them with more people…), and have difficulty pairing because they are more apt to feel dread (“fear of missing out, which translates in this sense to fear of “standing up”). and losing the opportunity to get to know someone better). On the other hand, Women in particular are no longer looking for someone to “save” them., but they want a partner who complements their single life, which is already perfect. a) yes, Feminism It played an important role because, basically, it helped us escape from social roles, romantic myths and toxic relationships‘, he concludes.

If you’re single, you might be interested to know that science has already investigated the benefits involved, and this can make you feel more proud of your choice or position (did you know that singles, in general, feel less Stress And sleep better?). If you’ve ever felt as pressured as Khloé with Kris and people kept suggesting people or asking you “couple,” for “when?” So, you have several reasons to assert your position. You have certain energetic (and also very healthy) advantages. Whatch out!

The benefits of celibacy

If you are single, you can still recognize one of these scenarios.

sleep better

Science supports it. better sleep council He conducted a study that revealed that people who did not have a partner (that is, who did not sleep with each other in general), had more quality sleep. By sleeping with ourselves, we avoid waking up due to other people’s movements, snoring or noises, for example.

On the other hand, quality sleep translates to better health. (Here’s a nuance: It improves the appearance of your skin, too.)

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Jennifer Aniston is 53, single and what skin. What skin. Getty Images

reduce stress

Although this is relative, “the lack of a partner removes from your routine the fact that you are aware of another person, and having to rely on them on certain occasions, argue Being forced into situations that are uncomfortable for you (such as communicating with family members you don’t communicate with). Obviously, all of the above are hypothetical cases.but they could be there,” Escudero says.

Increase your self esteem

Despite the fact that it may seem the opposite – if you’ve been single for a while, how many times have you asked yourself if it’s your fault or because people don’t like you? – The fact is that, with the development of Escudero, the fact of spending time alone, being more self-sufficient and financially responsible (you probably won’t have someone who will guarantee you that, so you tend to be more consistent with spending) “It makes you gain more self-confidence”Concludes.

become more social

According to a recent study conducted in Cornell University (New York)Being single leads you to be more social, maintaining and strengthening friendships, so, in theory, you can feel loved by more people than if you were in a relationship.

You are more attractive to society

Contrary to previous social perception, which advocated that having a partner is right and “beautiful” (which led to the creation of many Legends of romantic love), a study published in the journal evolutionary psychology He asserts that celibacy is a more attractive lifestyle to society, as it makes you a person who knows himself better, focuses on his goals, and is more independent and available.

Selena Gomez is 30 years old and single

Selena Gomez has just turned 30 and is in one of the most revealing moments of her life.Tiberina Hobson – Getty Images

experience sound

Neria (27) is Not connected for years. She was with her first boyfriend for two years, 17 to 19, and he was very toxic. Since then, she has had sexual encounters with different boys (and a girl), but prefers to remain single: “The fact that my first relationship was harmful (I made the guy perfect and I was completely submissive) didn’t affect my loneliness. What happens is that I feel, with passing time, that I know myself better and am very clear about the kind of people I want to spend time with. If no one motivates me, this is not a drama, I have my friends and HBO Max (laughs) “He argues.” Pss’: file here The 53 Best (and Most Watched) Series You’ll Find on HBO Max.

On the other hand, Ines, 33, reflects on her uniqueness: “It’s not that it’s a decision, it’s my situation. A long time ago, the fact that all my friends (I live in a town in Girona) were dating, he even got married, he came to give birth to me.” worrybut I psychologist Help me see the big mistake What was he doing to me? Not everyone’s situation should affect me, the important thing is to be emotionally good and not think that having a partner is the answer to my problems. It cost me, ah, but now it does not frighten me if I do not communicate with anyone and no one communicates with me. I have a tough job and a very caring circle of people, let life flow! “

Angie (31 years old) has been single since 2017: “I understood that being single was my decision in the end, and that in addition, led me to be the woman that I am today. Falling in love and reciprocity for a while is an incredible thing today for this. Today, of course I’m not closed in on it. But before I felt pressured to be in a relationship (all my friends have) I don’t have now, and that has made me enjoy the scattered stories I live with a lot,” I admit.

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