Why do cats know when it rains?


the good ones Gatos They remain a mystery. Although they have been companion animals for centuries, they have many characteristics of wild animals.

Among these, one stands out for his curiosity: Cats know when it rains. And no, we don’t say nonsense, science knows why Gatos They rush for cover before the useless humans know it’s going to rain.

Here we tell you why scientific Behind this peculiar quality of the beloved “micifuz”.

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Can cats know when it rains?

The quick answer is yes. Cats and many other animals can tell when it will rain, especially the heaviest. But this is nothing supernatural, or beyond logic.

This quality is not new, in fact, centuries ago, sailors carried a cat on boats, because they knew it, if the cats He ran to hide in a dark area, and it was almost certain that it would rain heavily on the high seas.

The simple explanation for understanding this quality is that cats are more sensitive than humans to sounds, smells, and changes in their environment.

Thus, they can pick up the slightest changes in atmospheric pressure with their senses, and their heightened senses allow them to “feel” signs that rain is coming long before their owners know it.

quality they learn

Now, like just about anything cats learn, this quality doesn’t come out of nowhere, and is actually something they train for with repetition.

That is, over the years, cats discover that just before it rains, their inner ears detect a change in their environment. It’s all about the sudden drop in atmospheric pressure, and since they’ve experienced similar effects before, they quickly learn to associate it with rain or a storm.

In addition, like humans, they also learn to distinguish sounds, and they can pick up – more clearly than we do – thanks to their thin ears, the faint sound of thunder from afar, and they know that before long, torrential rain is approaching.

Finally, they can also smell the characteristic smell of ozone, which is generated by rays and has a strong metallic odor. So they know it will rain soon, long before humans.

survival instinct

reaction cat The incoming rain, especially when it is strong, is very distinguishable and this is due to its survival instinct.

Because of this instinct, your first reaction will be to run away or hide. He will try to run to the safest place he can find and stay there until the rain has passed.

Usually the cats He hides inside, hoping to be safely there until the bad weather passes.

in case if the cats With small offspring, they usually lead to her catGo to a safe place before they take cover.

In fact the cats They do not “predict” the weather as if they are fortune-tellers, but rather make use of their natural abilities to know when it will rain in advance.

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