Why was Texas, America’s energy lung, paralyzed by a blackout?

Many power plants have suffered interruptions. Photo: AFP

The Cold wave That affected the southern United States More than 600,000 homes and businesses were left without Electricity in Texas, The nation’s premier oil and gas producer, which also affected northern Mexico.

Ice cold, which is characterized by polar temperatures and snowstorms, It caused an increase in electricity consumption in the southern states of the United States In the last days.

Texas, with a population of nearly 29 million, is facing the worst difficulties in meeting this explosion of demand.

Several power plants are operational natural gasOr wind or nuclear power that supplies cities like Austin or Houston He suffered an interruption in the process due to these harsh conditions.

ERCOT, the company responsible for Power Distribution in Texas, It declared a state of emergency at night from Sunday to Monday and decided, as a precaution, to cut off some power sources to avoid saturation of the grid.

Some Families have been without electricity for more than 48 hours When the thermometer drops to rare marks.

Wednesday night the company said that Restore electricity to about 1.6 million homesAdding that he was working “24 hours a day to restore electricity to Texas.”

Will there be an investigation of a blackout in Texas?

The Republican Governor of TexasGreg Abbott criticized ERCOT management of the crisis.

He said in a statement issued Tuesday The company has been “untrustworthy for the past 48 hours.”.

“Much of Texas is deprived of electricity or heat as our state faces freezing temperatures and severe winter weather. This is unacceptable,” and he has already announced an investigation into ERCOT.

Federal agency responsible for Electricity and natural gas prices He also announced that he would analyze the causes of the power outages “in the coming days.”

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