Women’s Champion: Guijarro: “There are no words to describe this new record” | Sports

Women’s Champion: Guijarro: “There are no words to describe this new record” |  Sports
Barcelona players celebrate the victory over Wolfsburg at the Camp Nou.Alejandro Garcia (EFE)

The Camp Nou has rewrote the world attendance record for a women’s soccer match against Wolfsburg, in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final: 91,648 spectators. After counting 91,553 fans in the second leg of the quarter-final against Real Madrid (a number that left a trail of 90,915 people who watched the 1999 US-China World Cup final in Los Angeles), Barcelona fans never tire of it. Women in Barcelona. On the contrary. The first 90,000 tickets that the Catalan club put up for sale were sold out within 36 hours. Last Wednesday, Barcelona put up a shipment of 6000 tickets for sale. “There are no words to describe this new record,” Guijarro emphasized.

On Tuesday, April 5, FC Barcelona put up 50,000 tickets for sale to members (they can withdraw up to four), who pay just €2.50 in management fees. The next day, the remaining 40,000 that the club put in the safes (prices ranged between 19 and 37 euros) also flew. The company between Barcelona fans and Jonathan Giraldes’ team was complete. Azulgrana didn’t want to leave Camp Nou, take selfies with the fans and roll the honour, in what was likely the last game they played at Barcelona’s main stadium this season. But the fans did not just captivate Azulgrana. “It is an experience that will mark us for life. That is why we decided to stay on the field when the match ended despite the result”, explained Toni Strutt, coach of the German team.

In 2019, Barcelona suffered a sobering test in their first ever Champions League final in Budapest. Leon beat: 4-1. After that, Barcelona players promised to train more to dominate Europe. A year later, they fell to Wolfsburg in the semi-finals (1-0 in Bilbao). “What is the distance with the big teams?” Alexia Putillas was asked. “There is no distance,” said the captain angrily. The following year, they won the Champions League in Gothenburg (4-0 against Chelsea) and on Friday they beat Wolfsburg at the Camp Nou (5-1). “Two or three years ago we were two or three steps below. The physical change we made was brutal. We take football. That is the difference,” Guijarro said. “The team has shown a huge advantage with and without the ball. The people enjoyed, as they did against Madrid. But do not forget that there is another game. Giraldes concluded that a tie does not work.

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