La Jornada – Amalia Pérez dreams of an Olympic and Paralympic Games

La Jornada – Amalia Pérez dreams of an Olympic and Paralympic Games

Amalia Perez, a multi-medalist in the Paralympic Games and a specialist in parachuting, considered that inclusion could also be reflected in the sports field by holding the Olympic and Paralympic Games jointly, “on the same date and without discrimination.”

The world champion also began her journey to Paris 2024, which will be her seventh Paralympic Games, by participating in the Mexican Open Parachute Championships, held in Atléxco, Puebla, where she qualified for the 2022 US St. Louis Paraben. Venue in July in Missouri, United States , which in turn is eclectic towards the Parisian fair.

In a virtual conference held yesterday, the 44-year-old explained that last weekend’s tournament in Puebla, which she organized herself, “was historic, because for the first time traditional weightlifting and handicap games were included in the venue, competing on the same platform.”

“I wanted to make it clear on a national and global level that a competition of this scale can really come together, we saw the different capabilities in both categories.

“In this competition, I started with this research, with this crazy idea that I have had for many years, that in the near future the Paralympics and traditional sports come together at the same time, it was a turning point to start taking a different look, we are here for you and we can work together “.

On the other hand, the winner of six Paralympic medals, four gold and one silver, stressed that if she qualifies for Paris 2024, her main goal will not be to obtain another personal achievement, but rather to promote adapted sports.

“I don’t know if I will make it to the next Games, I am preparing for it, and this is my dream, to make a new mark, to do something historical for my country again, but primarily for the sake of the credibility and dignity of Paralympic sport.

“My participation will depend on my abilities, and today the most important thing is health, and if my body is ready for another exhibition, then of course I will strive for rating, above all, in an effort to show how far we can go in work and dedication,” he emphasized.

About her immediate future, the weightlifter commented, “I don’t want to be limited, I’ve seen so many legends passed and forgotten, I want to open gaps, break down barriers, foster new generations and strive for international recognition for Paralympic sport.”

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