Is Online Sports Betting Dangerous?


Virtual sports betting has become more popular than regular traditional offline betting. After all, why go to a brick-and-mortar store when you can do everything you need to do right where you are? India probably has some of the strictest laws against sports predictions and gambling, but that hasn’t deterred people. Thousands of Indians are into sports betting, and the number increases daily.

Sports predictions, particularly cricket betting, are already growing in India, and there’s little to nothing the government can do about it. Thus, refusing to resist the wave of popularity can result in social ills that the country will not be able to in social ills that the country will not be able to handle. It can result in unhappy addicts on an endless search to ruin financial futures and tear families apart.

While some take it as a hobby while away time, some consider it serious business and investment. Do sports predictions have their dangers, and to what extent can it be curbed?

The Chances of Getting Addicted Are High

The percentage of young Indians addicted to sports betting is higher than that of adults. That makes sense considering a larger percentage of those into sports predictions are teenagers and young adults. The addiction to online sports gaming among young people is growing at an increasing and alarming rate.

Many engage in sports predictions to take their minds off their problems, and often it works. Moreover, sports betting has been linked with helping people deal with personal challenges, depression, and the like. However, it equally tends to suck regular punters who don’t bet wisely into a world of addiction and depression.

In addition, some get engaged thinking it is a get rich quick syndrome. However, things don’t go as planned for them, so they keep predicting, hoping that they’d win until they eventually get addicted one day.

Sports Betting is Like Stock Trading

While sports prediction has its downsides, the truth is that it is only a financial market on its own. There is no difference between every other risk-based financial market and sports betting. An example of such is stock trading; while it is an investment, its characteristics are similar to online sports prediction or gambling.

Like sports betting, many individual day traders lose money or make no gains over the broad market. Meanwhile, as in stock trading, sports bettors also hire statisticians and economists to advise them on trading players. Professional punters seek advice on how to increase their probability of winning national titles.

Encouraging Sports Betting Wouldn’t Be Wise

Although there are now legal betting methods so-called available, the risks are still to be considered. Professional sports offer a great form of entertainment while functioning as an emotional outlet for millions across India. However, the lure of gambling can make a rising professional sports athlete abandon his career. Also, coaches and players getting involved in sports prediction can result in point-shaving and other misconduct.

While people are free to bet as they wish, encouraging such would be described as “madness.” The online mainstreaming of sports prediction may appear innocent, but it creates a fine line between a dangerous system and entertainment. Leaving sports betting in the shadows and out of the mainstream would be the best course of action. This way, the act is kept under reins, and the unsuspecting wouldn’t be lured in.

Sports Betting is Now Becoming Legal

Like other gambling forms, sports betting is considered illegal in India, but there are prediction centers with an operating license. The once illegal market is becoming legal; supporters are fighting for its legalization in places where it’s still illegal. People gamble in major sports events like the Greek Olympics, so it’s unlikely to stop soon. The best thing would be to set rules and laws to regulate sports predictions rather than trying to eliminate it.

Legalizing sports betting raises taxes revenue for the Indian government, enforces contracts, and reduces industry corruption. Social condemnation or not, sports predictions will continue; inexperienced punters are left vulnerable to professionals. Plus, it keeps people addicted to the act too embarrassed to ask for help.


Undoubtedly, sports predictions have their disadvantages, but it is also not without its advantages. For those who can effectively manage the pressure, building a fortune becomes easy. It starts with choosing the right platform, knowing what game to bet on, and setting and sticking to a spending limit. For the right platform, Parimatch is a licensed platform you can trust. It offers a variety of games with great odds and amazing bonuses that keeps you going.

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