Women’s Day: Google drafts its doodles for March 8th

Google wanted to celebrate Women’s Day with a doodle that contained an animation of around 30 seconds duration.

HOn March 8th, Women’s Day is celebrated and Google decided to customize its doodles With animation to honor all women who work in various professions, professions or artistic and sporting activities.

Google wanted to celebrate Women’s Day with an innovative logo Which contains an animation of about 30 seconds duration Where the hands and torso of various women who work or are dedicated in the most diverse professions are displayed.

“In honor of past, present and future pioneers: Happy International Women’s Day!”, Is the message Google doodle on.

The video pays tribute to these heroines by filming the hands that opened the doors for generations of women, It appreciates the role of women in various business, sports and academic activities.

The clip shows the first women who voted, academics, gold medals, women entrepreneurs, astronauts and others.Women around the world have overcome the hurdles of their time to create a lasting legacy.

Women’s Day, originally the International Day of Working Women, commemorates the struggle of women for their participation in society and their full development as a person. The United Nations institutionalized it in 1975. In some countries, this day is considered a national holiday.

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