Woodpeckers and 22 other species have been declared extinct in the United States


The US authorities Announced this Wednesday extinction permanent from 23 kinds, including Woodpecker from ivory peak, one of the Most majestic bird from United State, of which a copy from 1944.

between the 23 kinds that Scientists They lost hope of seeing him with life They found another aviAnd Bigretta de Bachmann, two kinds of fish Fresh water, eight kinds of mussels and one factory.

The Federal Fish and Wildlife Service He determined that this species became extinct, so the process began to remove it from the list endangered species.

This news article “highlights how human activity can lead to the degradation and extinction of species, contributing to habitat loss, overexploitation, introduction of invasive species and diseases,” according to the statement.

The ivory woodpecker, belonging to the family Picidae, had black and white plumage, with a red crest on the males, and its length was about 50 cm.

The increasing impacts of climate change are expected to exacerbate these threats.”

The ivory woodpecker was classified as an endangered species in 1967, mainly due to the disappearance of the forests that made up its habitat and due to excessive hunting by collectors.

A specimen of this type was last seen in April 1944 in northeastern Louisiana.

Authorities said 23 species were classified as endangered too late to be saved.

The list also includes eleven species that are endemic to Hawaii and the island of Guam, including many birds and one species of bat.

Animals that live on the islands are more easily endangered due to their isolation.

More than 650 species of plants and animals in Hawaii and the Pacific Islands are threatened with extinction, more than any other state in the country. There is not much anywhere else in the world.


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