World Rugby hires ex-NBA player to boost business


World Rugby is committed to transforming its business model. The world rugby union’s governing body has appointed Richard Hesselgraf as its Revenue and Administration Officer. fan share, To increase its global reach and make this sport accessible to the masses.

Heaselgrave will bring to World Rugby the experience gained throughout his career, in areas related to dealing with sponsors, fan engagement or marketing. In addition, he knows the sport well since he was a professional player, developing his sports career in Rotherham.

The executive authority will be Responsible for developing one of the main pillars of the International Rugby Federation’s strategic plan, with the ultimate responsibility for commercial, television broadcasting, marketing and digital activities.

The new chief revenue officer for World Rugby comes from Tennis Australia, where he was responsible for revenue and fan experience, tripling the Australian Open in five years. Previously, he was able to increase revenue for the Premier League as Chief Commercial Officer and was responsible for the growth of the NBA’s business activities in Europe as Vice President of Business Development.

“Richard’s extensive international experience and focus will help us increase revenue through diversification and digital innovation To identify and transform new opportunitiesWhile at the same time we will continue to develop our existing revenue streams,” says World Rugby CEO Alan Gilpin.

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