Xbox Game Pass caught one of the most anticipated games of the year by surprise!

Xbox Game Pass caught one of the most anticipated games of the year by surprise!

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Xbox GamePass It never ceases to surprise its users with a catchy first-day launch. Microsoft has prepared a surprise for all its users, as it has just confirmed that one of the most anticipated indie titles of the year has come to the service by surprise.

It is nothing more and nothing less than tonictitle inspired by the legend of zelda Created by developer Andrew Shouldice. Although it was previously said that it will not be coming to Xbox Game Pass, everything changed a moment ago, as the adventure title made its debut and is available on the service.

Surprise! You can play now tonic On Xbox GamePass

launch trailer for tonic It came as a surprise to all the players who were waiting for it. Shouldais confirmed that his game debuted live on Xbox Game Pass. So now Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, and PC users can download it at no additional cost.

The news was well received by the community because, as we told you, the developer previously said that he does not plan to bring his long-awaited game to Microsoft service. It is now clear that he was indeed preparing a surprise launch celebration.

In case you don’t know, tonic It is an isometric perspective action game that will put you in the role of a cute little fox. You will embark on a dangerous adventure where you will explore all kinds of places and fight against powerful enemies

“Fully immerse yourself in technical and varied combat. Dodge, fend off, defend and attack! Learn to conquer a wide variety of monsters, small and large, and find new and useful items to help you on your way,” his description reads. Below you can see the launch trailer.

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