Xiaomi is suing the US government for blacklisting


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The legal case filed from Xiaomi Against the United States Department of Defense and the Treasury It seeks to protect the interests of the companyThe Chinese smartphone maker said in a statement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

The company She filed a lawsuit in Washington, DC District Court on Friday Against both US agencies, in order to remove the Chinese manufacturer from the official list of companies with ties to the Chinese military.

Xiaomi said the US decision to list the company as a “Chinese Communist military establishment” was “objectively wrong.” He had asked the courts to declare the decision illegal.

Department of Defense under Donald Trump’s government, Xiaomi and eight other companies added to the list in mid-JanuaryThis requires American investors to liquidate their holdings in companies within a specified time frame.

Xiaomi said that 75 percent of the company’s voting rights are owned by the founders Lin Bin and Lei Jun, are neither owned nor controlled by an army person or entity.


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