You will be able to move profile pictures and the time feed will return at the end

You will be able to move profile pictures and the time feed will return at the end

Facebook is listening to its users and is revolutionizing Instagram: the customizable profile will arrive very soon, and they will also restore the timeline.

after try the stories Longer than 15 seconds To get rid of TikTok, developers Instagram They continue with their roadmap to bring us in New functions of the photo social network par excellence, like companions xda-developers It is now preparing for a momentous change that we have been waiting for so long.

Not surprisingly, it looks like Instagram is finally working on an option for that It will allow us to edit the profile picture grid, and thus the ability to move prints to reorganize and Customize the introduction of our profile to our liking On the social network without too many complications.

Pretty soon, Instagram should let you move and customize your profile picture grid.

So far, no post They are arranged chronologically without the possibility of changing themUsers have been asking for this option constantly lately, and it’s good to know how to do it On Facebook they started listening to their users When it comes to new developments for your most important products.

In fact, this new possibility Already integrated into development in Instagram apps, so it was only a matter of time before a reverse engineer like Italian Alessandro Palozzi could find a way to enable him to Show us what it looks like in previews:

Instagram is testing the ultimate functionality to get rid of TikTok: it will allow Stories to be uploaded for more than 15 seconds

As you will see, in the two screenshots that the function shows us, you can see part of Profile information where you can reach Edit profile, open the new network configuration interface where We can transfer posts and photos on our air.

It would be very intuitive because Reordering is done by drag and drop, then having to click the button ready In the upper right corner to save the design.

The official announcement from Facebook is pending, but in the case of two of Instagram’s most-requested features lately, we hope (and beg) they’ll be ready very soon.

Since there is no official information from Facebook about it, we don’t know How will our new posts work? Using this option to customize the grid, although we understand that it will also be shown at the top chronologically and Option to repair photos will be enabled If we so desire.

In addition, the developer also expects that Instagram will recover a file feed Timeline in upcoming releasesMore than 6 years after our organization timetable To adopt an automatic algorithmic configuration calculated by artificial intelligence based on our usage and preferences. This was without a doubt One of the most popular requests For Instagram developers.

Now we just have to wait, because the two changes are going to be very important to change the way we understand and use Instagram…isn’t that good news?

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