If your Galaxy Watch is attentive, because Samsung has finally closed the Tizen App Store


Finally, now also without the new Galaxy Watch with Tizen on top, Samsung gives up and closes the curtain on the Tizen mobile operating system.

era secret with sounds Who just needed confirmation, especially after seeing how Married Google and Samsung Past I/O 2021 for Introducing ourselves to the Galaxy Watch4 with WearOS, so the ad was posted on Tizenhelp It certainly wouldn’t surprise almost anyone.

It’s official Samsung surrenders and stops Tizen for smartphones After many attempts, the last one was in 2017 with an unexpected Samsung Z4, so Galaxy devices will not arrive after pre-installing Tizen By itself, as well as the lack of support or new applications for those already available.

Tizen already scored on Samsung smartphones.

In fact, as confirmed by the owners GSMArena, the giant Samsung closed Tizen App Store on December 31, 2021 The curtain has closed forever on her mobile OS, which was already dying after just a few months ago Availability of pre-downloaded apps From the same app store.

So first it was closing to new users and now Final closure confirmedBecause we are about 5 years without new smartphones with Tizen and that Galaxy Watch is back on WearOS Also after several years with a proprietary operating system.

It’s been a few months since Tizen has been dying, but on December 31, 2021, the final closure of its app store was confirmed and the curtain closed on Samsung mobile devices.

Samsung is giving up Tizen, and what will happen to the Galaxy Watch and its updates you won’t like

If you have a device with Tizen, you will already see that when you access the App Store, our previous downloads do not appear, but Just an error message indicating that the service is no longer available In any case.

This is assumed End of the road for Samsung smartphones Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, as well as for everyone Samsung smart watches Tizen uses it, although fortunately in its condition, due to its accessory character, yes It can still be used via Galaxy Wearable Linked to an Android smartphone.

It’s time to make room for the future, and so far this only happens for Android, iOS or HarmonyOS!

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