You will now log into your accounts this way – Enseñame de Ciencia

You will now log into your accounts this way – Enseñame de Ciencia

With the advent of artificial intelligence, we have seen continuous changes in the most important companies and digital platforms of the moment.

Recently, the internet mogul, Google, made announcements that surprised netizens, from implementing GPT Chat, to deleting passwords to start sessions, yes, you read that right. But with the passwords removed, how are we going to log into our Google accounts? If you are interested in knowing the answer, we invite you to continue reading this note.

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The use of new technologies and systems managed by artificial intelligence opens the way to a new technological era. A clear example of this is that Google is beginning to say goodbye to traditional passwords to welcome passkey support on all of its major platforms.

Passwords have been with us for many years, creating a security pattern in our most sensitive files, thus protecting third parties from entering and extracting valuable information.

However, users often forgot these passwords, had to memorize a combination of letters and numbers, and if not, perform a series of tedious steps to access their documents, emails, and accounts again.

The use of mobile phones has radically changed this. Thanks to Google account synchronization, accessing different passwords has been easier, but this method is still not entirely secure, as third parties can also hack the system and access important user information.


Passkeys or passkeys put an end to the era of passwords. Google has turned on passwordless login for all accounts.

To be able to activate this new way of logging in, you will only need a smartphone. As of May 3, he is an internet mogul advertisement Passkeys are available on all of your user accounts. The date that Google announced the implementation of Passkeys is not accidental, because that day marks Password Day, which is celebrated on the first Thursday of May.

In addition, you must have received an email from Gmail saying that this new method will replace the traditional use of passwords. Follow the steps below to be able to say goodbye to passwords forever.

  1. Access your Google account and enter the Security tab.
  2. Find the “Skip password when possible” option and go into its menu.
  3. Sign in as usual, using your Google password. You probably won’t need this step later.
  4. Activate the option, you have already configured it.
  5. When you register a new Android phone with your Google account, the company automatically generates a passkey for that device. You can confirm the keys you have created in this connection.
  6. Once you have configured Google, every time you log in, you will receive a notification on your cell phone.

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