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The science, research and development and innovation sector is lucky. The state’s general budgets will be allocated for 2022 One of the largest European fund items for this matter. Specifically, next year 2,279 million euros will go to Spanish laboratories and research centers. The amount that exceeds what was earned by education, small and medium-sized businesses or tourism.

The 2008 crisis caused a significant drop in both investment and the implementation of plans in scientific, research and development projects in Spain. for more than a decade, The budgets allocated to this matter were decreasing. Further, the money that has been appropriated in public accounts does not always end where it was appropriated.

Reforms and cuts to the imbalances stemming from the financial and real estate crises that hit Spain after the collapse of Lehman Brothers have slowed investments in science. A situation that has changed in recent years but At a slower rate than other European countries.

According to Cotec data, in the period 2009-2019, Spain accumulated 6.4% increase in investment in research and development, is significantly lower than the growth observed in the other four major European economies: Germany (40%), the United Kingdom (26%), Italy (22%) and France (14%).

strong momentum

Access next generation It will help reverse this situation with more than 2,200 million euros. With an investment of 1,661 million euros by 2022, this boost will be embodied in various measures aimed at achieving its overall goal. principal investment, He received 521.5 million euros, will be directed specifically to the core of the Spanish system of science, technology and investment, which is the research activity.

According to the State General Budgets document “the aim is to create an extensive display of research projects for Spanish R&D and innovation groups and for them to collaborate with companies”. A procedure that pretends to be the origin of public-private alliances.

The 307.04 million dollars that will be allocated to strengthening the capacities of the Spanish system of science and technology and investment in health are directed in the same direction. In this case, the government’s plan aims to direct projects in order to “improve the health of the Spanish population, Using scientific knowledge and innovation as a vector“.

Finally, the budgets also refer to strengthening the capabilities, infrastructure, and equipment of public search agents. For this, an investment of 258.08 million euros is expected.

Artificial intelligence

But if one topic stands out above the others in this project, it is artificial intelligence. European funds allocated to this matter in 2022 Add up to an investment of 113.8 million. With them, a series of reforms will be developed to strengthen this discipline.

Specifically, to achieve this goal, the government’s plan Expect actions in researchThe development and digital innovation, training and talent at the national and foreign levels, the development of data platforms and technological infrastructures, the integration of artificial intelligence in value chains and the economic fabric, its use in public administration, and finally in the ethics and normative part.

All with a mid-range and ambitious goal: That by 2025, Spain will have 20,000 new specialists in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and data. Thus, after years in the shadows, science will come to the fore in 2022 if the government gets the necessary support to carry out its calculations. It is a goal that will still require weeks of intense negotiations to achieve.

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