You won’t be able to buy the new Pixel 5a this year (unless you’re in the US or Japan)

You won’t be able to buy the new Pixel 5a this year (unless you’re in the US or Japan)

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Among the rumors that the Pixel 5a phone has been canceled is Google Issued a statement Pointing out that the phone will go on sale this year, as planned, but only in the United States and Japan, where the global shortage of components prevents Wider availability.

“The Pixel 5a 5G has not been canceled,” the statement said. It will be available later this year in the US and Japan, and will be announced online with the launch of last year’s A Series.

The Pixel 4a was announced in August 2020 along with the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G (which went on sale months later), and the Pixel 5a display at the annual Google I / O event to be held next month has been ruled out.

According to rumors, the Pixel 5a 5G will have a very similar design to the Pixel 4a 5G, but with New Whitechapel Wizard Designed by Google. The cheap model will be a new line of Google phones led by the Pixel 6. The name states that it will have 5G connectivity, but it is not known if it will be compatible with the mmWave range or Sub 6.

That the Pixel 5a 5G won’t be launched outside the US and Japan, or at least not immediately (as it did with the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G), leaves us, as expected, without one of the most valuable cameras in the world. the world. Mid-range. Let’s hope the Pixel 6 has better luck amid this supply crisis and we can taste the rumored Google processor.

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