Pokémon GO: Confirm the name for Eevee’s development to Sylveon and more details about his arrival – Nintenderos


Pokemon GO It is updated regularly including various Newsletter, Like Pokemon from current generations That is not included yet In the title Niantic.

Well, one of those Pokemon is Sylveon, has evolved Effie Fairy type that was introduced in the sixth generation, although it was only recently Data specifiers Leaked out List of Pokemon of the same generation Coming soon to Pokémon GOWhich I found in it Sylveon.

This really makes it likely to be included in the Pokémon cast in the short term, although the developer did the part to confirm very subtly that Sylveon was on its way through the next one. Background download:

This image, which was introduced in the game in March, shows us a large number of Fairy-type Pokémon, and Silveon silhouette It will be visible if we look closely at the waterfall area, which confirms its arrival practically soon.

Now what is the name of Evie Development to Sylvion only once it has been confirmed: Kira. At the moment it does not appear to be working yet so we have to pay attention to more details.

What do you think? Want to capture your Sylveon in Pokémon GO? Leave your opinion in the comments!


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