Video: “YouTuber” invades SpaceX installations without noticing the guards and is recorded in front of a spacecraft



April 9, 2021 04:18 GMT

He later apologized for his inappropriate behavior.

YouTuber recorded himself while walking around SpaceX facilities in Texas (USA) last month, without security agents noticing, mentioned This Thursday the edge.

The video was initially posted on a YouTube channel called Loco VlogS. There a man can be seen entering and moving between the launchers of the aircraft, including close-ups of the Raptor engines of the SN11 spacecraft.

The episode received a series of comments from angry fans on SpaceX before it was deleted by the user himself, who additionally posted. Another video With apologies for your inappropriate behavior.

NASA, which works closely with SpaceX, has already judged the accident and confirmed, in the words of its spokeswoman, Monica Witt, that it “takes security and protection very seriously”. At the same time, he indicated that his contracts with Elon Musk include requirements for protecting information and “software” and “hardware” used in the joint software.

The US Federal Aviation Administration stated that it was aware of the video. He stressed that “maintaining the physical security of the launch facility is an important aspect to ensure public safety.”

I previously encountered the same installation with similar problems. In 2019, a SpaceX fan was arrested after several photos taken near another prototype of a spacecraft were posted on social media.

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