Young fans, strategic partners and business centers in the region, the keys to the first day of integration in the Middle East and North Africa

Young fans, strategic partners and business centers in the region, the keys to the first day of integration in the Middle East and North Africa

Today’s first session Merger of La Liga clubs in the Middle East and North Africa region (Middle East and North Africa), which will be held throughout this week and attended by 40 clubs.

The conference included sessions in which aspects of the region were delved into, such as the type of audience that consumes entertainment content and how clubs should talk to them in order to communicate with them. The presentation was made by Mighty Ventura, General Manager of LaLiga MENA, Oscar Mayo, Executive General Manager of LaLiga, and Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer, the company with which LaLiga has established a joint venture for the region.

There was also a file A panel about EA Sports, who will be the new sponsor of LaLiga starting next season. In it, he reflected on how he managed to evolve and revolutionize the competition, the clubs and the LaLiga brand itself, presented in this case by Jorge de la Vega, LaLiga’s Director of Merchandising and Marketing and Ángel Fernández, Director of Brand and Strategy. They themselves, together with Mayo, have given other sessions on paradigm shift in terms of branding and sponsorship or on alternatives that open up for the future thanks to the association with the main audiovisual partners in the sector.

Another aspect discussed throughout the day was LaLiga Impulso, where a case was made of how the project is currently developing, with a very particular focus on the digital world of clubs. This session was presented by Alfredo Bermejo, Director of Digital Strategy for LaLiga, Marta Aparicio, Digital Content Coordinator for LaLiga, Jaime Blanco, Vice-President, and Marta Alonso, Vice-General Management for LaLiga. Also present at this venue were Fran Canal, General Manager of CF Osasuna, and Jesus Arroyo, Deputy General Manager of Sevilla FC. Both spoke of the success they have had at their club with the improvement in managing the digital sphere that has come as a result LaLiga Impulse.

The last session was presented by Andres Salinero, Economic and Commercial Counselor of the Spanish Embassy in Dubai, who explained to the audience the keys to doing business in the region, recalling the respect and kind affection that the locals have for Spanish companies, especially those companies. that are related to sports.

The day was concluded by LaLiga President Javier Tebas. During his speech, he wanted to summarize what he heard throughout the day, highlighting the importance of physical presence in the area and stressing: “We have very good prospects for the work done and what’s to come.” In addition, he added: “We have to be proud because very important partners do business with us, because they want to join our brand. Like CVC, EA Sports or Globant among many others. They are all companies and brands that want to be on our side and want The competition we have created together. We have invited clubs to take advantage of and realize new challenges in the Middle East and North Africa region and in areas such as digitization and social networks, because I am sure that it will make everything much stronger for us.”

It is scheduled to appear tomorrow, Tuesday 6, in front of the Spanish media sent to Qatar to participate in the World Cup. It will take place at 12 pm Spanish time at LaLiga TwentyNine, the new sports bar of LaLiga, Grupo Alfardan and Dani García, located in the Kempinski Residences and Suites in the Qatari capital.


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