Your mobile phone is not bad, do not sound your alarms because of this app

Your mobile phone is not bad, do not sound your alarms because of this app

Did you notice that Alarms fail On your Android phone? The Alarms don’t sound When do you prepare them? Today we can tell you that you are not alone, this It’s not your mobile phone problem And that there are thousands of people affected around the world. It looks like Google has a very serious problem with a file alarm app, one of the most important and which goes unnoticed. The The app is crashing And with it the warnings of thousands of people. If recently Your alarms don’t ring We’ll tell you why.

Google Clock is broken: Alerts don’t sound

Thousands of Internet users are on fire Because of Google and its watch app. This app is responsible for alarms, clock, countdown or stopwatch. It is an application that installs on many devices and is vital for most of the users. Moreover, He is disabled.

for a few months The app accumulates negative reviews And topics in all the forums on the Internet. It is not known where the problem is, but the result remains the same: There are some alarms that do not sound and do not give a notification. This is a serious problem that has affected thousands of users around the world.

According to the leaks Google is already aware of this problem and tries to fix it. We don’t know how the process goes, although some of the reviews go back several weeks. Many of them focus on the same thing: users refer to this number Alarms don’t sound And they stopped working.

Nothing happens to your mobile phone, change the alarm app

Now we can confirm it Absolutely nothing happens to your mobile phoneThe problem is with the Google Clock app. The solution is simple and free, you just have to go to Google Play and download some thousands of files alarm apps Available.

Most of them perform the functions perfectly, and if you investigate a little, you will discover very complete applications with radio alarms and interesting interfaces. But if what you want is Alarms sound again We recommend regularly downloading a file Standard alarm app other than Google.

If you have The alarms haven’t gone off for a while Now you know why and how to solve it easily. And if you’ve been late for work because of this, you know who to blame.


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