YouTube releases its own version of Tik Tok, YouTube Shorts

YouTube releases its own version of Tik Tok, YouTube Shorts

Youtube shorts ready for Latin america, Cucumber short videos from The Google that you seek to confront tik tok and the rollers from Instagram. If you want to get high organic reach with YouTube shorts, you can buy YouTube subscribers for more engagement and in that way we can show algorithms that your videos have to be recommended organically.

This new social network led by hand Youtube It promises to be the new way to experience, create and watch short videos that enter the game and even seek to dislodge Tik Tok from its niche as the premier platform for short video consumption.

YouTube Short will run through your YouTube account and expand the functionality you already had with Google apps, such as using the videos in your library to create fun stories, and editing your videos there to create one.

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Latin American countries where you can actually enjoy YouTube shorts

These are the Latin American countries where YouTube short clips are actually available.

Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Uruguay and Venezuela. Of course, the version is in beta testing only and they will gradually add functions and changes to improve the application.

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How do YouTube shorts work?

The app focuses on three themes, Create, Discover, and Watch. Within the create option, users will be able to record, edit and record various videos, add music and many other options to create the perfect short films.

Discover will allow you to browse specially created content from YouTube Shorts and the community Youtube, and to be able to watch videos without stopping.

The new function seeks to create on the next short video streaming platform and try to displace other social networks. Therefore, it seeks to invite YouTubers, content creators and influencers to create a rich database that can aggregate the best of the best.

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