YouTube uses science to its advantage and can shoot rays from its fingertips with a samurai sword



25 before 2021 14:15 GMT

In one of the videos shared on social networks, the creator can be seen executing “Chidori”, the supernatural power used by the popular anime character Naruto.

In one of his latest tests, the advanced enough content presenter and creator of the YouTube channel, Allen Pan, surprised his followers by showing himself in control with the help of the laws of physics. 250,000 volts With his hand, he fires a large electric shock with a samurai sword.

Equipped with chain mail covering his entire body, YouTube received a 250,000-volt discharge and pointed towards his left hand, causing lightning to appear from his fingertips and head. “I’ve been uploaded […] Using a Tesla file to make Naruto ‘Chidori’, Ban said in the video, which has already exceeded 10.4 million views, referring to the superpower of a popular Japanese cartoon character.

In a second video, viewed more than 24 million times, the presenter, dressed in the same outfit, used a samurai sword to direct electricity toward a metal ring several meters away, forming a powerful voltaic arc between both elements. In the same way, he used the katana to fire a beam against the “opponent”, who received several shocks at different points of the body.

Although they were subjected to a fatal electric shock, none of the participants in the videos has suffered any kind of injury, since then, according to to explain Pan, because the chain mail they used was made of metal, as if it were a Faraday cage, energy flowed through him and around his body, thus avoiding damage by current.

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