Zorio: “Lim established Meriton Resources in Nigeria for oil companies”

Zorio: “Lim established Meriton Resources in Nigeria for oil companies”

Zorio: “Lim established Meriton Resources in Nigeria for oil companies”Fernando Bustamante

Miguel Zorio, María Valencinista’s spokesman and former Mestalla club president, sent the documents that were added yesterday in the framework of the investigation opened by the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the alleged corporate embezzlement that Valencia has suffered since 2014, when Meriton Holdings Ltd. acquired a majority stake in the entity. Zorio claims to have discovered another offshore company linked to Peter Lim: “Layhoon Chan and Peter Lim set up Meriton Resources in Nigeria for oil business with another offshore company.”

Through a statement, Zorio asserted that with this company located in supposed tax havens, Lim would have repeated the same pattern used to control Valencia. “We discovered a new offshore company under the Meriton Group, through which Peter Lim took over the management of Valencia Football Club. In this case, it is Meriton Resources, established in Nigeria, with company registration number RV 130738 and headquartered at No. 10, Gudi Street, Off Peter Odili Road, Trans Amadi Port Harcourt, PHA, Rivers. The same pattern seems to repeat itself: the company has no employees, and in this case, as in Uganda, the business focuses on gems and oil. It is owned by Peter Lim and directed by Lihun Chan. “The big problem facing Valencia and the people of Valencia is knowing what Peter Lim uses the club for. He buys it for 100 million euros from a company with a capital of 95 thousand euros. Mount Meriton in the Virgin Islands, Uganda, Nigeria and Hong Kong (as far as we know so far). Establishing a company Fake of Valencia in Singapore. He does not care about losing 40 million euros every year at our club, but he does not do anything to change the sporting dynamics either. “Everything makes us believe that for Peter Lim, Valencia is another Meriton within his network of companies,” says Miguel Zorio. .

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