11-year-old girl escapes from a kidnapper and distinguishes it with a technique she learned in “La ley y el Orden VVE”


After a struggle, an 11-year-old girl managed to escape an attempt Kidnapping In addition, he has left a mark on the perpetrator, so that the authorities can identify him, thanks to Prof. Technique What did you learn by watching the series?Law and Order: Special Victims Unit“.

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A few days ago, a video went viral showing the shocking moment in which a girl was named Alyssa She manages to save herself from Jared Paul Stagna, a 30-year-old man previously charged with sexual offenses who attempted to kidnap her, while she waited for the school bus.

How did Alyssa survive the kidnapping?

In the photos circulating on social networks, young Alyssa is seen sitting on the lawn on a small balcony in Escambia County, northeast Florida, in the United States, waiting for a bus. For entertainment, Alyssa was playing with “Slime‘, Which is a type of modeling clay that can be made at home using regular liquid glue. Suddenly, a white truck appears and stops in front of it. Within seconds, a man in a black shirt steps down and runs towards her.

Notice that the girl takes her bag and runs; However, the subject managed to hold it and carry it. The girl struggles and escapes, but not before she identifies her attacker with the blue slime she was playing with. The man runs away quickly in his car.

Alyssa managed to plant a path using mud, a technique she learned in Law and Order

In an interview on NBC Today Show, Alyssa admitted that she is the number one fan of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and revealed that he was in one of the chapters on the aforementioned series where she learned the importance of letting go of some. A kind of mark on your attacker, to make it easier for authorities to arrest him.

In addition to using the security camera video to identify the person’s car, the police were already able to identify him thanks to traces of blue slime on his skin.

The girl said, “I was able to put paint on his forearm and a little bit on his arm … I didn’t know what would stain, but I knew it could be better evidence that it was found by the police.”

The girl was aware of the importance of leaving evidence in her attacker, because she had learned it thanks to her favorite series. Upon hearing this news, the heroine of the series, Mariska Hargitay, shared the story of this brave girl on her social networks accompanied by a message in which she declared herself a fan of Alyssa number one.

It reads “With all my love, your number one fan, Mariska”, posted on the actress’ official Instagram account.

After this story spread widely, Alyssa’s mother opened a GoFoundMe account because she is a single mom and made sure that she had encountered many difficulties in moving around and living in a place where the little girl would be safe when she went to school alone.

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