3 exercises to warm up and strengthen your shoulder before exercise


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It is very common to perform external shoulder cycles to warm up before doing strength or resistance exercises, however, they are not always done well. It is important to follow them by following a series of tips to avoid injuries and make the warm-up effective and harmless.

Updated on: Friday, October 22, 2021 00:00:00

Victor Telles explains one of the three shoulder exercises.
Warm up muscles and joints Before doing a routine exercise It is very important to prevent injuries and to improve the sensations and results of the training that we are going to do next. and that is Starting to do dips, weightlifting, or cold weight lifting is not the same as doing it after a short but effective warm-up period..

In this video our personal trainer Victor Telles (Tweet embed), from TCenterExplains three simple targeted exercises For expert rotary shoulder warmers. It’s exercises very simple This, in addition, can help you strengthen the area. You only need a small Weigh, a brick or one Sweatshirt and one an eraser to make them.

As Telles points out,Many people warm up the shoulder area by doing internal and external cycles without knowing if they are doing it well And if this exercise is useful for subsequent training sessions in which the shoulder is involved.” The exercises suggested by our trainer are very simple and serve both for warm-up and strengthening of the area.

in the video, Explains step by step how to do each of the three exercises. Your warm-up suggestion would be to do 3 sets of 10 reps and for training Increase repetitions at 15 or 20.

The first option would be realistic, with the arm resting on a slightly raised area (a small brick or a sweatshirt), The second will finish sitting The arm is resting on the knees and The third, the most demanding, will be done standing with a rubber that acts as a resistance. It is important to follow Téllez’s instructions to do this correctly.

If you missed any tips, advice or training from our personal trainer, click this Link. And if you have any questions, you can contact him through social networks.

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