3 Hot Movies on Netflix

At Indie Hoy, we have long been committed to telling you about trending movies Netflix. This week we tell you about three of the streaming giant’s new bets that are causing the most talk.

Invisible thread

2022 – Director: Marco Simone Boccioni

leon (Francesco Gigi) He is A 16-year-old whose life with his parents has never been out of the ordinary. He was born in California thanks to a woman who helped his parents bring him into the world. Later, he was brought up in Italy, with some normality, except for being a witness to the struggle for gay rights, which his family was involved in.

He decided to tell all this in a short video that he is preparing as part of a school assignment. But his family history is starting to create some prejudices and misunderstandings about his sexuality, and while he’s about to experience his first love story, It seems that the stability of his family is in danger, which leads him to think about what he has in common with his parents and everyone who helped him and wished for his birth.

Two against the ice

2022 – Director: Peter Flint

In 1909, The Danish Alabama expedition, led by Captain Ignar Mikkelsen (Nicolai Coster-Waldau), undertakes the difficult task of proving that Greenland is not divided into two pieces of land and refuting the United States’ claim to the area.. Leaving his crew behind, the inexperienced Ever Iverson (Joe Cool).

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Adam’s Project

2022 – Director: Shawn Levy

Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) is a time traveler from the year 2050 who has ventured on a rescue mission to search for Laura (Zoe Saldana), the woman he loves, who has been lost in space and time under mysterious circumstances.. When Adam’s shipwrecked, he was sent back to 2022, and to the only place he has known since that time in his life: his home, where his 13-year-old self lives.

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