3 Series Based on True Events to Watch on Netflix

3 Series Based on True Events to Watch on Netflix

When reality outweighs fiction, the latter tends to be nurtured by the former to generate great productions, as is the case with the series we have to recommend to you today.

discord symbol

The series is based on real life events The story of two German computer science pioneers who are forced to appear in court to defend their rights as creators of the Google Earth algorithm, in a seemingly lost battle.

Through important events such as the beginnings of computer experts’ friendship in post-1990 Berlin to the beginning of the famous Silicon Valley, the series chronicles the lovable and loyal bond against justice processes in the United States during the digital age. Global digital giant Google is challenging in court to sue them for patent infringement.

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This is a short biography Ryan Murphy law Project The story of Roy Halston Froic (Ewan McGregor), better known as Halston, the famous American fashion designer and fashion icon who redefined clothing in the 70s and 80s.. Throughout the series, it is told how his name became a fashion brand and synonymous with luxury, gender, status and fame in New York at the time.

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Anna’s creation

Drama series The story revolves around the Anna Delphi case (Julia Garner)young woman of German descent Who managed to infiltrate the most privileged circle of New York society. In 2013, Anna moved to the United States and adopted the fictitious identity of a millionaire heiress with access to a fund of more than $60 million. Anna’s creation The episode consists of ten episodes and is based on a New York magazine article titled “How Anna Delvey Deceived New York Party Members”.

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