3 years of travel, 22,000 km and over 17 countries

3 years of travel, 22,000 km and over 17 countries

We have all dreamed at some point in life of completing a world tour. The travel dream that we all talked about with our friends at some point: “We take some backpacks, get on trains, planes or boats and travel the world with GPS not far from our hearts.”

A dream that more and more people around the world can achieve. But No one has succeeded in achieving one of today’s greatest achievements: Complete the world’s longest trek on foot, connecting South Africa with Siberia.

A road is the largest on the planet and no car, boat or plane is required to make it a reality. Specifically, it is he who connects Cape Town in South Africa with Magadan in Russia. a tour? 22,387 kilometers, more than 4,500 hours of travel, six time zones and four seasons.

This is the longest hiking trail in the world

To give you an idea, taking this trek is like climbing to the summit of Everest 14 times. Or travel more than half of the Earth’s total circumference. If I explain better… It’s like traveling through Spain in a straight line 12 times the farthest point.

The time required to complete a course 4,500 travel hours It takes nearly 3 years if 20 kilometers of roads are cut every day. Roughly the same that can be traveled on each stage of the Camino de Santiago.

What countries does this track cover? If you depart from southern Cape Town, you will have to travel practically all of South Africa, and then pass Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Georgia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Romania, Belarus And finally we finish the tour in Russia.

Of course, the longest walking tour in the world is not without its dangers. Indeed, this way Take a tour of some of the so-called “hot spots” on our planet. What does this mean? That during the tour you will pass through some of the most dangerous points on the entire planet. This is why this adventure is only suitable for travelers who are used to moving in countries with conflicts. fact, South Sudan is crossed, and is considered the third most dangerous country in the world.

Not only that. You will also have to deal with some of the deadliest animal species on the entire planet. Zimbabwe is known to host species Black mamba, one of the most dangerous snakes on the entire planet. Or Uganda, the country with the highest number of recorded cases of malaria in the world.

The longest hiking trail in the world passes through Zimbabwe, where the famous Victoria Falls is located

Not to mention the constant temperature changes that occur during the tour: From the 50 degrees that we can reach when crossing the desert to the sub-zero temperatures that we feel in the high mountains which also runs this majestic route.

Do you see yourself being able to do the longest walking route in the world? We’re just thinking about what we’re going to put in our backpack…and we think we don’t fit everything we need.

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