Mali vs Uganda Live Streaming and Direct International Friendly Match. Time, past data and betting odds

Don’t miss all duel incidents between Mali – Uganda Valid for the international friendly match that will be held on Saturday.

Mali vs. Uganda measure their strength on Sunday, January 8 at 10:00 am in Colombia, in a match valid for an international friendly.

Next, match time, past data, TV signals, and betting odds on the expected match between Mali and Uganda.

What time is the Uganda-Mali match today for an international friendly match?

The friendly match between Mali and Uganda will take place today, Sunday, January 8, from 10:00 am in Colombia, at 12:00 pm in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.

More match schedules between Mali and Uganda

Los Angeles: 07:00
Mexico City: 09:00
Columbia: 10:00
Ecuador: 10:00
Peru: 10:00
Miami: 10:00
New York: 10:00
Venezuela: 11:00
Paraguay: 12:00
Chile: 12:00
Argentina: 12:00
Brazil: 12:00
Uruguay: 12:00
London: 15:00
Rome: 16:00
Madrid: 16:00
Cairo: 17:00
Tokyo: 00:00 (January 9)
Sydney: 02:00 (9 January)

TV signal to watch the live match between Mali and Uganda

The emotions of the match between Mali and Uganda can be followed directly and directly through the digital platforms and social networks of both teams.

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