49% of workers will switch to another job to improve their well-being

49% of workers will switch to another job to improve their well-being

Caring for the mental health of employees at a time when the hybrid system persists is one of the main challenges for organizations in Mexico, with 49% of employees realizing that they would change their workplace if another company provided better solutions to take care of them. From this aspect, according to figures from ManpowerGroup.

Two examples associated with the change in employee health are: small problems in the company are becoming “points of conflict”, and people admit that they are more sensitive; This was confirmed by 31.6% and 44.1%, respectively, of Mexicans who participated in the “Report on the situation of teleworking in Mexico during the COVID-19 pandemic”, published by the University of Puebla (UPAEP).

The consultant notes that there is a growing call for action on ways to prevent burnout, build resilience and increase employees’ mental health. 3 in 10 workers this year will seek to provide them with more choices focused on looking after their mental health and avoiding burnout, according to data from ManpowerGroup’s “Great Realization” report.

Besides the impact of the pandemic on physical health, organizations are affected by productivity losses caused by employee absenteeism and attendance. Globally, 30% of employees are taking time off because they are more tired from working from home, increased headaches, and joint pain, among other effects.

This is why it is so important for employers to realize that if they do not invest in company culture, in transforming their wellness plans, they will have a hard time attracting and retaining talent. In addition, they will need to prepare for its loss to organizations that invest in this problem.

In connection with the recently celebrated International Day of Happiness, the Frequently Asked Questions focus on how to promote or initiate actions aimed at ensuring the general welfare of employees.

The report found that 1 in 5 recruits plan to offer more benefits such as extra time off.

Even before the pandemic, an organization was already four times more likely to lose talented employees if they were unhappy with mental health or health promotion.

Faced with this scenario, CHROs face the huge challenge of reinventing not only employee well-being in the new digital world of work, but also getting creative about how to use this strategy in recruitment and employee development.

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