4T is impossible without re-election


Mexico will enter a system of government like the one that has been in place in Venezuela since 1999…and then the president will have time to put an end to the old system and see the new baby

The president spoke nearly 120 times about his re-election. He never said that the constitution would be the one that marked the end of his term. And on Thursday he insisted that God and people would decide. Because the fourth question is impossible without re-election or control over people’s lives.

The president’s model for governance is Castro Chavez in Cuba and Venezuela, Putin in Russia, Evo Morales in Bolivia, Kirchner in Argentina, and Correa in Ecuador: his only political and ideological allies in global geopolitics.

This is why they changed the constitution to be re-elected. And our President has just extended the term of the Chief Justice, in a simple equation: If the term of the Chief of the Judiciary can be extended, why not extend the term of the Chief Executive.

Last Thursday, the president admitted that the so-called “fourth shift” not only killed the old order, because “the new is not just born, we lack the time to solidify things.”

And he ended: “I will be silent if people and the Creator allow me.” And first: “I will finish, if people decide, in 2024, and I will leave politics.” According to Dr. Luis Estrada, he has been declared “re-elected” 116 times and “revoked mandate” 117 times.

In other words, the president always talks about the continuity of power of a president who forces his deputies to pass unconstitutional laws, and rules with them while the court decides: the same court that just violated its own rules.

Because the model of government promoted by the Mexican president is impossible without setting aside the court and seizing the three powers, in addition to controlling citizenship with laws that only countries in dictatorships such as China, Nigeria and Venezuela have.

For example, to get a cell phone, Mexicans are already obligated to give the government their fingerprints, iris, facial features, tone of voice and signature, as in the systems of Tanzania, Uganda, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Benin. …

In addition, for the first time, the president can decide without consulting anyone the face of a portion of the state budget (six trillions, 295.7 million pesos), and seize real estate and money from whomever he pleases without a court ruling.

All these measures to control the people, in the style of the most powerful dictatorships (with repeated blows to constitutional democracy in the style of Chavista) pave the way for the re-election of the president.

Mexico will enter into a system of government similar to the one in force in Venezuela since 1999.

And then the boss will have time to finish the old and see the new born …

On request on Thursday.

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