5 Excellent Excel Functions That Will Solve Your Life, Improve Your Business and Be More Efficient – Teach Me About Science

5 Excellent Excel Functions That Will Solve Your Life, Improve Your Business and Be More Efficient – Teach Me About Science

For many professionals, Microsoft Office Excel is not just a spreadsheet for storing data, on which they must work daily to collect, organize, analyze and present conclusions from raw data. For this purpose, they must know the commands, shortcuts and formulas to perform one or more tasks at the same time. Likewise, they must know the updates to this software and master the basic commands it requires to use it.

Usually, 3 levels are defined for mastering this software, namely basic, intermediate and advanced. Each of these increases the level of difficulty and applications that can be offered.

You will always be able to see office automation courses on our page, which include mastering programs such as Word, PowerPoint and, of course Excel At different levels. Remember, only consistent work can help you become better at something. Today we are sharing with you 5 very useful functions so that you can improve your skills in this program, pay close attention.

Improve your work in Excel with these five can't-miss tricks

Firstly: Abbreviations Custom ramps

Assign shortcuts to your favorite features in the top bar.

You can save time and effort with actions like AutoSave, Undo, or Redo. Select the down arrow in the top bar and choose the features you want to include.

Second: Import tables from a PDF file

Forget about manual copying and pasting. Open a new Excel sheet, and go to Data > Get Data > From File. Select “From PDF” or “From Text/CSV” depending on your version.

Transfer information quickly and efficiently.

Third: Automatically correct the text

Activate autocorrect to avoid misspellings.

Go to File > Options > Review > AutoCorrect Options.

Enter the text to be replaced in “Replace” and corrected in “With”. Enjoy more accurate and professional writing.

Microsoft Excel, credits to Microsoft

Fourth: Highlighting repetitions with ease

Find duplicate data using function “Highlight cells based on conditions”.

Select the rows or columns you want to analyze. Go to Home > Conditional Formatting > Duplicate Values.

Identify and correct errors faster.

Fifth: Automating tasks using macros

Record a series of actions and repeat them when you need to, this can save you a lot of time and work. Go to “View” > “Macros” > “Record Macro.” Perform the actions you want to automate. Save and run the macro to save time and effort.

Using these cool tricks we recommend, you can become Excel expert!

Additional tips for you

If you already have a good command of Excel, we recommend adding the following tips:

-Explore Conditional Formatting options to customize the presentation of your data.

-Use the “Filters” functions to sort and analyze specific information.

-Learn how to create graphs and pivot tables to display your data visually.

– Take advantage of the large number of tutorials available online to expand your knowledge of Excel.

As mentioned, only with consistent practice will you be able to master Excel and improve your work.

Share science, share knowledge.

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