5 majors with the lowest scores in ENARM 2021

5 majors with the lowest scores in ENARM 2021

Learning never ends in the health field because there are so many innovations emerging every day. Therefore, even after graduating from college, it is necessary to continue with academic training. In some cases it may be through seminars or workshops. In addition, there is also the option of pursuing a master’s degree at a university that offers this method. Although the truth is that most people want to become a specialist and to achieve this they face a tough test that happens every year in our country. Do you know which majors got the lowest scores in the National Test for Applicants for Medical Residency (ENARM) 2021?

In this sense, facing a challenge of this nature requires a lot of preparation. It is not easy because it is a summary of everything he sees in the university. Although these are aspects that any general practitioner should be aware of, the pressure on applicants is very great.

Changes in ENARM 2021

Likewise, there have been a lot of adjustments this year that could affect youth performance. One of the biggest of these problems is that for the first time the specialty was chosen not before the exam but after it.

In addition, the current context in which Mexico and the world are going through must be considered. The health emergency caused by Covid-19 continues. Last year caused a delay in the ENARM implementation and there were fears it might be repeated this time around. In the end it wasn’t the case and everything was done for three days despite vigorous hygiene measures.

In both cases, when parsing a file general statistics You can see that there are some specialties that stand out. In the past we already share those that I got the highest score Now it’s time to find out which one got the lowest score in ENARM 2021 and they are as follows:

  • Family Medicine – 56.6202
  • Emergency Medicine – 57.4913
  • Epidemiology – 58.0139
  • Clinical Pathology – 58.1882
  • Occupational and Environmental Medicine – 58.3171

Now, when comparing with what EVENT IN ENARM 2020 He notes that family medicine remains the specialty with poor test performance. Although the difference is the minimum average score because last year it was 21,333 and represents one of the lowest numbers in the entire test history.

Along the same lines, epidemiology and emergency medicine are two other disciplines that recur within the disciplines with least satisfactory results. For this reason, it is among the options that you can go into with a low score.

Despite all of the above, overall there was an increase in overall scores for this year compared to what happened in the previous edition.

In the meantime, what do you think of the majors with the lowest ENARM 2021 scores?

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