50% of Mexicans can still get COVID: Health


50% of Mexicans You can still get COVID-19The Ministry of Health said at a press conference.

Dr José Luis Alumea, Director General of Epidemiology at the Ministry of Health, explained that despite the fact that infections, hospitalizations and deaths Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in our country, it is in sharp decline50% of the population is still infected.

From the National Palace, the Ministry of Health reported a decrease in the positive index of the Coronavirus epidemic in Mexico, reaching 17%, which is the lowest level so far in the case of a health emergency.

“ Obviously, 17% in and of itself represents a significant drop in many percentage points, from 43 to 17 back in 2021, but in reality speaking about 17% still gives us a percentage of positivity that reveals the spread of the virus. The community level, which is why we have said constantly that other than the decline that we have seen in recent weeks, the epidemic has not ended and we still have viruses spreading at the community level. ”

José Luis Alomía Zegarra, Director General of Epidemiology, Ministry of Health

Alomiya Zegara indicated this, according to studies of seroprevalence in the countryMore than half of the population is still susceptible to infection with the virus.

“To the population in Mexico between the ages of 40 and 45% of the seroprevalence; that is, people who have been exposed to the virus, which means that even at this moment we can estimate that more than half of the population may be susceptible to infection, and therefore they can be infected and can get sick.” .

José Luis Alomía Zegarra, Director General of Epidemiology, Ministry of Health

How many people have contracted the disease in Mexico as a result of COVID-19?

When presenting the daily technical report on the progress of the epidemic, they explained that so far in Mexico: 2 million 551 thousand 490 estimated cases; 884 million, eight people recovered, 218,000 928 confirmed deaths and 21,000 894 cases estimated to be active The mortality rate is 7%.

“It is clear that the confirmed cases are slowing down, and there is a slowdown in them at least from quantification at the global level.”

Gabriela Nocamendi, Director of Epidemiological Surveillance

“At the present time, we clearly notice an 83% decrease in the national occupation, and then we can conclude at a certain moment that the population, despite the persistence of their disease, does not represent a danger and that at a certain moment they may be present in the non-dangerous manifestations, which we say in The field of outpatient management of medicine; this means that it does not require hospitalization, and for this reason we have noticed a decrease in hospitalization cases in both the general family and the highly specialized family.

Gabriela Nocamendi, Director of Epidemiological Surveillance

In the course of the national vaccination plan, The Federal Agency reported that on Friday, 467 thousand and 788 doses were applied, and there are a total of 21 million 008 thousand 618 doses and 9 million 325 thousand 576 complete vaccination schedule.

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