7 members of a religious cult in Panama killed a pregnant woman and convicted six children



November 22, 2021 14:40 GMT

They killed their victims as part of a religious cult. Among the convicts are children’s relatives.

A popular jury found seven defendants guilty of the Torun massacre in Panama, in which seven members of a religious sect killed a pregnant woman and six children, the youngest of whom was one year old.

The events, which occurred in early January 2020 and shocked the Panamanian community, were revealed when a man reported the disappearance of his family. His wife and five children were among the seven victims found by authorities in A secret tomb.

The convicts – six men and one woman – belonging to a religious sect, ended the lives of their victims as part of a religious cult. He was among the sect Grandfather and relatives of the murdered children.

And they beat them with bibles, sickles, and sticks

In order to remove Satan from their bodies, they followed the signals of a supposed prophet who asserted that he had received divine instructions. Thus, the convicts tortured and beat them with bibles, machetes and sticks until the victims were killed.

The massacre took place in the indigenous area of ​​the Caribbean region of Panama, in the village of El Tiron, Santa Catalina, in the Ngabe Bogli region, where members of the Nueva Luz de Dios sect, who call themselves “the anointed of God”, reside. .

Only six days after the oral trial, the jury of four women and three men arrived consensus To the guilty verdict, as reported on Saturday Judiciary and the Public Prosecution from Panama. Next November 24 there will be a hearing for the individualization of the sentence and on December 3 the hearing for the reading of the sentence.

Previously, another court, composed of three judges, issued a decision convicting all those involved in the crimes of deprivation of liberty against the seven dead and against others who managed to escape from the place of rites.

Early last week, the two other members of the sect accused of these crimes agreed to a punishment agreement, accepted responsibility and were sentenced to prison terms. 47 years in prison.

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