The young man boasts that he graduated as a lawyer after years of working in construction

Magali Jimenez is a young 24-year-old who has managed to qualify as a lawyer. Photo: GettyImages | explanatory

A young woman in Paraguay graduated as a lawyer After years From working in construction And he bragged about his achievement with a message calling on people not to give up. your case is Another success monopolized the Internet.

the girl who Graduated as a lawyer after years of working in construction He shared his story of overcoming, noting that for a moment his dream seemed “out of reach” because Money was needed in the house.

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“Do not give up, he who perseveres achieves”: the young man supposedly graduated as a lawyer after working in construction.

Magali Giménez Bogarin, is the young woman who She bragged that she became a lawyer after years of working in construction. The well-deserved income allowed him to prepare at the National University of Asuncion (UNA), in Paraguay.

She decided on my field, after seeing the difficulty of getting money in her home I’m looking for a job He asked for support from his father, who works A builder, in order to earn their income and pay school fees.

In a message he posted on Facebook, he accompanied her Pictures, The 24-year-old said a lack of money didn’t stop her from realizing her dream and she is now “officially a lawyer”.

“Not many know this part of the story, but six years ago this seemed so far fetched, that many people even told me I wouldn’t be able to make it. Despite this, like many young people, I decided not to give up and persevere. My younger brothers and I decided Work hard for several months until we can pay those tuition fees.”

Magali Jimenez Bujarin

Majali explained that when the day came when he had to pay his first tuition at his school, they didn’t know how to make the money and the first thing that happened to them was to help his father with his work as a builder on the construction site.

He also mentioned in his post that thanks to many people he was able to achieve his goal.

“Today I am grateful only to my family and all the people who have become angels in my life so that today I can become an official lawyer. I cannot deny that I had many obstacles in my way which give the day the most glorious flavor it could have. Without further ado. In just these six pictures I want to leave a precedent that reflects this whole process that not only I but many young people experience in search of our dreams.”

Magali Jimenez

He added in his words that he who perseveres achieves.

“I can only tell you not to give up and one who perseveres is enough. A lawyer registered with the High Court of Justice. You did it!”

Magali Jimenez

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