A 20-year-old girl throws a tantrum at her mother because she bought her an iPhone 13 instead of 15.

A 20-year-old girl throws a tantrum at her mother because she bought her an iPhone 13 instead of 15.

What did you do?

Bahia Esteril: A girl was captured at the exact moment she felt great Tantrum To her mother because they bought her an iPhone 13 and she wanted the 15.

The events were filmed by one of the people who was at the scene, when the young woman suddenly started kicking her and demanding that her mother buy the phone in question for her.

According to the user who captured the moment and generously shared it with the world, the events took place in the shopping plaza of the bus station in Goiásalmost Brasilia (in Brazilwow) where the supposedly 20 year old girl gave him a cheribolka because they didn't buy her “taste”.

This young woman's tantrum lasted several minutes

The clip shows how the daughter repeatedly leans over and falls to the ground like a little girl when her mother refuses to buy her the device, creating what could be the perfect ad for a contraceptive brand.

At the end of the video, as a global catharsis, the woman decides to drag her daughter away until she stops causing the scene, in front of the astonished eyes of the rest of the people.

He should have given her a belt and taken her phone. “Leave her with nothing and leave her to work”, “I leave her there and don’t see her…it’s like she was left without a mobile phone”, “Well, I wouldn’t buy me or the iPhone 13”. Ha. “She is very poorly educated”, “If any of my children dare to do this, I will send them back and leave them without a mobile phone, and they will also have to find ways to buy one”, “At the first cry, mom.” My son gives me, at that moment I get into the car and leave her there, “Let the little girl start working hard so that with the fruit of her labor she can buy an iPhone 15,” are some of the pious reactions left by the post.

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